The Price of Division

With the election coming up tomorrow, I am in a strange space emotionally.

I guess that my sensitivity to the pulse of humanity is such that I watch the hatred and name calling going on and all I can think of is, “Can’t you see how ugly you have all become and how it is staining people’s perceptions of you?”

There can be no going back after this. We will have to move forward and this election will have changed us. At least it will have changed those of us who care more about each other on a family, personal circle, tribal level. It has made us aware, sometimes brutally so, who the closeted haters are. It has brought them out, proud and loud, big and happy to finally get to have their say. But they part they don’t get is, that right along, they have been getting their say and what they are afraid of is someone else being able to have the same right.

Some people are not happy unless they have someone, something to hate, someone to call names when they are with their buddies, someone to condemn because of color, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or economic class.

And each time we come up to an election, these haters, these fear mongers rush out of their little bunkers screaming, “Don’t vote for that person that doesn’t look, think or act just like me because if you do, they will take away your _______!” insert whatever paranoid object of conspiracy fits the situation in the blank. Guns, Jobs, Religion, Money, Property, Bullets, or what have you. Then invariably that cold, evil, different person gets elected and none of that doom comes to happen, but that doesn’t stop the fear mongers from continuously trying to scare everyone at how very much their freedoms are in danger.

The truth is that these people are doing far more harm to our country, our communities and our kids than any candidate we have ever seen. The kids are scared, they are afraid of what happens if he becomes president. They are afraid of what will happen if she becomes president. They are barraged by this all, in every waking hour and whether you think they are or not, the kids are listening to you. They are listening to your name calling and your hate and they are doing one of a couple of things. They are either judging you to be animals, bigots and losers, or they are learning to hate just like you do.

Which of those options appeals to you?

The system is flawed. The system is corrupt. Things need to change, but they need to change from us on up, not with our presidency. Did you forget that the government of the United States is supposed to be ours? Our representatives to the world.

None of them is worthy to lead us. None of them has our best interests in heart to the exclusion of their own welfare and wealth.

And so what are we to do?

We are supposed to take care of each other. On every level that we can. We are supposed to feed our hungry, clothe our cold, love each other and not judge…

We are supposed to teach our children to be better people than we were. We are not supposed to make sure that they don’t struggle but make sure that they are equipped to handle the struggles they face.

We are supposed to comfort each other, protect each other, talk to each other and become Americans again.

The American motto is E pluribus unum and it means, Out of many, One. Out of many races, creeds, beliefs, nationalities and personalities, we are meant to be one people.

Stop worshipping division.

When people of the same political affiliation as you say things filled with hate, ignorance and disregard for others, don’t just say, “We aren’t all like him.” The rest of us are watching and wondering why, if you aren’t all like him, why you are letting him be your voice.

If you stand with one kind of protestor and claim that they have the right to rebel, but speak out against others, just because your viewpoint differs from theirs, then you are part of the problem and need to re-think your stance.

If you blame the media for not telling the truth but yet you will share any political post if it agrees with your point without doing your own research to see if it is true, honest and fair, then you are part of the problem and we see you for what you are.

I am the step-father of a beautiful, brilliant fourteen year old boy who is both a transvestite and bisexual. He thinks that a large part of the population wants him to just go away, or worse that they want to hurt him because of the hate he sees boiling over in our country. He is afraid of who he will be “allowed” to love if the haters get their way. He is afraid of what the world will think of us if we put the haters in charge. He is fourteen years old, he shouldn’t have to be afraid of his homeland.

And I will state this, no matter what comes of this election, and how crushed some of you will feel, I will take care of my family, my community and my fellow man…

Will you promise the same thing?


4 thoughts on “The Price of Division

  1. I could not agree more, Lance. I have backed away from stating my political views out in front. I feel who cares anyway? They are mine and everyone has theirs. I honor that right. I won’t discuss religion or extremely personal matters. This election year is filled with mud-slinging and out right hate. I have never witnessed such to this extreme in my life. I fear we are taking the last steps to throw our freedom away completely. It’s a sad time indeed.


  2. How true it is that the “closeted haters” are out proud and strong and that is terrifying. Even more terrifying is that they are being openly supported by a presidential candidate to behave this way. The thought of that hate taking over our country completely if he should take office gives me nightmares. The thought of the haters seeking revenge should she take office scares me just as much. The damage that could be done to our young is very real and I am so ashamed. Ashamed of the behaviors of some of our young being encouraged by adults who should know better. Adults who stand behind religions as excuses for their hatred. But I will stand up for our children against any harm. Any harm. I do believe in everyone’s right to be who they are, especially children, no matter what that means and that is worth fighting for. I do stand up and speak my mind and views, even in this house.


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