This is not a political post…

This is not a political blog.

This is not a political post.

It is a human one.

I have a warm cup of tea, the light is diffused through November clouds as the sky cries intermittently like many of those I care about are doing this morning. It is as if Autumn held its breath for today, and having felt the despair of its children, began to weep raindrops and dead leaves in sympathy to our sense of loss and betrayal.

During the countless invasions of their homeland in China, the members of Shaolin Monastery declared no allegiances to any political or national parties, choosing instead to care for the people, to live a life of mindful compassion. They chose to heal the sick, care for the wounded, feed the hungry and defend the weak. They made their bodies into savage weapons, not for their own glory, but for the singular purpose of protecting others.

They burned and buried the dead of wars that were not their own. They sacrificed their own comfort for the good of those around them, they put others first.

As I sit here, thinking of those that I see hurting, of those that I know are scared, and lost, as I feel, with my open heart the uncertainty that is smoldering in the underbrush, ready to burn down the forest, I think that I am ready.

Are you?

There was once an idea, an idea that our government was doing what was best for us, not just for our bank accounts, but truly to help us find our way to becoming better people. But as with most things, money became involved and where that raises its head, few can resist the thrill of stuffing their pockets at the exclusion of all else, both moral and ethical.

The loudest voices of the followers of Jesus have just voted that the love that he preached is secondary or even tertiary to the size of their wallets.

There was once an idea, it exists still, with some of us, that our fellow human beings deserve as much happiness as they can have without our interference. There is a thought that who you love, what color your skin is and what you have between your legs are of your concern and I will judge you simply on your behavior and how you treat others.

Perhaps we should rejoice, because the undiagnosed disease that was making us rot from the inside has come to the surface and we can begin, slowly to excise it, cut it away, and educate it out of existence. Perhaps we are better now, knowing the truth about those who have done this, knowing it about them instead of wondering, suspecting and denying, because now we know.

We are a bright, caring, clever tribe of compassionate, sharing, giving people. Over the next years we will need to leave our temples and fight for those whom we claim to love. And the truth is that our willingness to help will determine the reality of our convictions. Are you someone who just speaks of doing something, or will you leave the house and join the battle?

What will you risk to give someone else a chance at a good life?

I see many people posting that now that the election is over, we can just go back to the way things used to be, but I am sorry, for me that is impossible. I now have new knowledge, wisdom that has come through observance that has taught me who cares for the only thing that matters, which is their fellow man, and who does not. We saw them, we know who they are and where their hearts lie.

I am done, for the moment, talking to those who have chosen this, instead I speak directly to those who woke this morning to a world suddenly darker. You are the best of us, the women, those in the LGBTG community, those of a myriad of ethnic origins, you are what makes us great in our diversity, love and compassion and I for one will not let you down and will stand firmly between this threat and you.

This is no longer political, it is a human problem and we have watched as some of those closest to us have thrown us into the path of an oncoming train. But as this battle ends, we will rest a day, lick our wounds, lift each other up and beginning showing up for the fight wherever it breaks out.

I love you guys. I know that that is easy to say, but I love easily, and have my heart broken a lot, but you have always been there to stitch it back together again. We have learned in the last 24 hours, a very harsh lesson, and that is that there is a vast difference between what we believe is right and what many of our brothers and sisters want most. They are not our enemies, they are insignificant, we will show them how we take care of each other, how we stand up for each other and how much love we have, even in the face of such brutal disregard.


Let the night come, we are not afraid, for we, after all, are the light.


One thought on “This is not a political post…

  1. Mourning and weeping with so many others of my fellow Americans. Again you have said the truths and now we must rally to the battle.


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