Here, at last, I find myself a home. A place where my voice can stretch and be as eclectic, philosophical or profane as I am in my non-digital life. A forum where the madnesses that strike me in the middle of the night can be pasted up on a wall to perhaps find their way into the hearts and heads of the people that need them. For beyond all of the other concerns, my hunger is to help people, whether it is through entertaining them, guiding them or serving loud and unsubtle wake-up calls to break through the barriers of apathy and ennui.

My name is Lance Cheuvront. I have also written under the name Cutter Murdoch and within me the two personas interchange freely along with a few others that we may meet along the way.

What will we be doing here? How about everything from discussing projects that I am working on, to sharing recipes, raising awareness about causes that I find compelling and joining together on a journey that is built of the stories we share.

It is my deepest hope that you will take part in this with me, that together we will pull ourselves out of the mire that is holding us, and set out on the road together, to explore, discover, learn and grow. This is my home and I welcome you all to the gathering…

I love a gathering!

Who am I? I am a writer, speaker, animal behaviorist, poet, storyteller, traveller, magician, shaman and a whole kaleidoscope of other things, but that is more what I am. Who I am is a guy who has spent most of his life living fearlessly, stepping up and saying yes to every adventure and has decided to share what he has learned along the way.

I am interested to see how this blog will evolve. For now it will be as eclectic as I am in its presentation, but something in me warns that it will take on its own life once it has the freedom to breathe, so we shall see…

Welcome to Born of Lightning!